Sunday, 28 July 2019

Festival of Quilts, NEC Birmingham 2019 - Choosing a Longarm Quilter?

So you have finished you quilt top. What next? How to quilt it?  Sometimes when piecing is our favourite part of the quilt making process and we have taken many hours over it, it can be intimidating to know how to quilt it. If you are a loss of what to do, a longarm quilter may be able to help out.  But how do you know which longarm quilting services to choose?

This week at the Festival of Quilts there is a great opportunity to see a wide selection of longarm quilted quilts in the Two Person Category (J), which this year is located in the hall to the far left of the main entrance, next to the Quick and Easy Workshops.  Take a look at the different styles and skills and you will probably have a personal preference for the style which you would prefer on your quilt.

I am pleased to say that a few of my talented customers have entered their quilts in the Two Person Category this year, so do go and have look

JO19 "Stonefields" by Jenny Otto and Frances Meredith

JO43 "Jody's Birthday Quilt" by Natalie Taylor and Frances Meredith

JO53  "Birds of a Feather block together" by Barbara Gillespie and Frances Meredith

And if you want to see what I have been up to  (and how I quilt my own quilts), you can see my entry in the Traditional Quilt section

FO66 "Jane's Pinwheel" by Frances Meredith

I pre-ordered my Festival of Quilts Official Show Guide and Competition Catalogue, so I am spending the weekend, planning what I need to see. I will be up there for a few days, so if you see me, say 'hello' !

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