Tuesday, 5 January 2021

12th Day of Christmas - Red Manor House Quilt made by Pat

Red Manor House Quilt made by Pat
Do you remember quilt shows?  At the 2019 Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham, I can remember a buzz of excitement as the Quilter's Guild launched their Block of the Month for a new project based on a quilt from their historic collection - the Red Manor House quilt.  It is not an exact replica, but the inspiration behind the new quilt designed by Jenny Smith and Kay Walsh in modern fabrics by Riley Blake.  August 2019 seems a long time ago, but I bet Pat was glad she had this project throughout lockdown - a bit of machine-piecing and a bit of hand sewing.  It finishes up as quite a large quilt, so Pat opted for and all over digital pattern, Ginger Hearts by Apricot Moon.
Ginger Hearts designed by Apricot Moon

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  1. Looks fantastic service Hopefully l will be able to visit when we get out of lockdown