Friday, 29 January 2016

Custom Quilting - combining digital patterns with hand guided stitching

Quilted with Modern Gem by Anita Shackelford
Earlier this month Christine brought this striking quilt to me for long arm quilting.  It was a quilt she made several years ago to be used on her bed.  She was clear that she didn't want an edge to edge digital pattern all over it, so we looked at what we could do to enhance the directional pattern of the bright green flying geese triangles.

Quilt by Christine
Quilt by Christine
For this custom quilting I used a combination of digital patterns and hand guided stitching. The quilt is made up of log cabin blocks, so I treated each block individually.  For the blocks which were part of the directional pattern I used a geometric digital pattern (Modern Gem by Anita Shackelford) and for the plain log cabin blocks I used my rulers to stitched in the ditch.  Having a long arm machine which allows both of these options really opens up more design choices for my customers.
Isacord 5912 Green Thread
Christine didn't hold back on the colours on her quilt , so we chose a bright green Isacord thread for the quilting.  Christine provided the wadding.

Custom Quilting - digital patterns combined with hand guided work
Custom Quilting - digital patterns combined with hand guided work

Each of the border squares were individual, so again I used my rulers on each one to stitch in the ditch on the outside and the inside and I devised a simple geometric pattern to fill the green space in between.  Christine also had her binding ready and waiting so as part of the service I was able to stitch that on for her too.  A few evenings of hand stitching the binding to the other side, and her quilt will be ready for her bed.

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