Tuesday 28 May 2024

Drop-Off Dates - June 2024 Fabadashery Longarm Quilting

'Summer Meadows' by Frances Meredith
The end of May and beginning of June are usually when all the hedgerows are in full bloom and as I have been out and about they have reminded me of the textile art that I did back in the early 2000's, a journey which eventually led getting a longarm quilting machine and starting Fabadashery Longarm Quilting. 

If you have a quilt top ready for quilting, here are the dates I am taking in quilts for June 2024, including a Saturday and some talks.

Monday 3rd June - Talk  - Weston Quilters, Winterstoke Hundred Academy
Tuesday 4th June - PM only
Wednesday 5th June - PM only
Thursday 6th June - PM only
Friday 7th June
Saturday 8th June
Monday 10th June
Tuesday 11th June 
Wednesday 12th June
Thursday 13th June - Talk - Churchdown Quilters
Friday 14th June - PM only
Monday 17th June
Tuesday 18th June - PM only
Wednesday 19th June AM only
Monday 24th June
Tuesday 25th June
Wednesday 26th June
Thursday 27th June
Friday 28th June - PM only


Saturday 18 May 2024

Quilts UK Malvern 2024 - Frances Meredith Chilhowie Quilt


'Chilhowie' by Frances Meredith
As well as my customer quilts on show at Quilts UK, Malvern 2024, I did also manage to enter one of my own quilts.  This is my Chilhowie quilt, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt of 2022, which I did in red, white and blue to celebrate the Coronation.  If you at the Malvern Quilt Show today or tomorrow, it is BQ03, on the first row on the far left of the competition tent.

Thursday 16 May 2024

Quilts UK, Malvern Show 2024 - Fabadashery Customer Quilts

Today I visited the Quilts UK, Malvern Show 2024, where five of my customers had entered their quilts. It was lovely to see them complete with their binding done and hanging for all the visitors to see.  The show continues until Sunday 19th May at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern.  Firstly, I was delighted to see that Sue Watters had received a rosette for her 'Welbourn' quilt, which I custom quilted for her. 

Sue Watters 'Welbourn' Quilt
Sue Watters 'Welbourn' Quilt
Next was Alyson's 'Book Nook' quilt, which I featured in my Twelve Days of Christmas review.  It is a pattern by Pen and Paper patterns.

Alyson's 'Book Nook' Quilt
I was also pleased to see Helen's 'My Heirloom Quilt' which I quilted a few years ago.  It was a large quilt which I custom quilted and Helen had beautifully pieced. Beautiful colours which would belong in any home.
Helen's 'My Heirloom Quilt'
Next is Natalie's beautifully vibrant Kaffe Fassett fabric quilt, 'Memories of Mum's Conservatory', which was in the Bed Quilt category.
Natalie's 'Memories of Mum's Conservatory'
Another Kaffe Fassett fabric quilt was entered by Sheila.  It featured the Koi Polloi fabric, so we chose a fun quilting pattern with Koi fish on it. 

Sheila's 'Marmite Quilt'
Sheila's 'Marmite Quilt'
And finally, Sue entered a second quilt which I had custom quilted for her a few years ago.

Sue Watters 'Star Quilt'
Sue Watters 'Star Quilt'

Sunday 12 May 2024

Angela's Chubby Star Quilt - Layer Cake Quilt

Angela's Chubby Star Quilt - Layer Cake Quilt
Angela's Chubby Star Quilt - Layer Cake Quilt

Angela has made this Chubby Star quilt using a black, white and tones of grey Layer Cake.  I love how the pattern has an optical illusion effect.  The pattern is available from White Gecko Crafts based in South Wales and a great way to use up one of those lovely Layer Cakes sitting in your stash.
Angela's Chubby Star Quilt
Angela's Chubby Star Quilt
With lots of bouncy flowers in the fabrics, Angela chose 'Popcorn' as the quilting pattern - one of my 'magic' patterns, because it looks good on most things.

'Popcorn' digital design by Willow Leaf Studio
'Popcorn' digital design by
Willow Leaf Studio

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Sue's Underwater Ocean Quilt


Sue's Underwater Ocean Quilt
Sue's Underwater Ocean Quilt
Sue has made this underwater themed quilt for a special friend, using a background similar to Northcott Stonehenge fabric and then appliqueing shapes from another underwater themed fabric to create her own original quilt.  In addition to the applique, Sue created stencils to to add her own seaside motifs to the border.

Sue's Underwater Ocean Quilt
Sue's Underwater Ocean Quilt
Having done a lot of textile art in the past, it was lovely to see all these techniques in one quilt - you could really see that Sue has enjoyed making it. There was a lot to bring together with the quilting, but we found a suitable flowing quilting pattern called 'Coquina' by Patricia Ritter and used a Fil-Tec Glide Thread called Sea Green to bring the colours out from the centre.  

'Coquina' digital quilting pattern by Patricia E Ritter
'Coquina' digital quilting pattern by Patricia E Ritter

The quilting pattern came out beautifully on the back of the quilt too.
'Coquina' digital quilting pattern by Patricia E Ritter
'Coquina' digital quilting pattern by Patricia E Ritter

Monday 6 May 2024

Emma's Red and White Hand Stitched Hexagon Quilt, quilted at Fabadashery Longarm Quilting

Emma's Red and White Hand Stitched Hexagon Quilt
Emma's Red and White Hand Stitched
Hexagon Quilt
Here is Emma's red and white hexagon quilt, which she has completed over several years.  The joy of small, hexagon, English Paper Piecing is that you can carry it with you when you are out and about and gradually it builds and builds until you have a beautiful heirloom quilt like this. Knowing each stitch intimately usually means that the quilt has a lot more meaning to you.

Emma's Red and White Hand Stitched Hexagon Quilt
Emma's Red and White Hand Stitched
Hexagon Quilt
However, there comes a time when you have to put the small pieces together and all the quilt top becomes larger and larger - slightly less easy to carry around and a challenge to quilt.  This is where Emma sought the longarm quilting services of Fabadashery Longarm Quilting.  The quilt top was definitely the star of the show, so a subtle low key thread colour and a simple pattern was required.  The pattern we chose was Squirts by Anne Bright.  Also, because the quilt was very large, Emma chose 100% Hobbs Wool wadding, to make it as light as possible.

'Squirts' quilting design by Anne Bright

Sunday 28 April 2024

May 2024 - Longarm Quilting Drop-Off Dates, Fabadashery Longarm Quilting


If you have been working on a quilt over the last few months and it is ready for quilting, May is a great time to drop your quilts off to Fabadashery Longarm Quilting.  May is a busy month, with Bank Holidays and of course Quilts UK, Malvern Show 16th-19th May, where I have a quilt on display and I know a few of my customers have some delights on show as well.  Do look out for them.
Contact me at frances@fabadashery.co.uk to arrange a time to drop off your quilt

Thursday 2nd May
Friday 3rd May
Tuesday 7th May
Wednesday 8th May
Friday 10th May
Monday 13th May
Tuesday 14th May (quilt drop off at Malvern Showground 12pm-2pm)
Wednesday 15th May
Friday 17th May
Tuesday 21st May
Wednesday 22nd May
Friday 24th May