Monday 10 April 2017

Traditional Pinwheel Quilt in 1930's fabrics with a traditional Baptist Fan finish

With the possibilities offered by my APQS computerised quilting machine and the range of amazing patterns available, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose something suitable for a quilt.  When Natalie arrived with this beautiful pinwheel quilt which she had made for a friend it called for something more traditional.
Pinwheel Quilt made by Natalie
The prints are all 1930's reproduction fabrics in lovely bright colours and after some deliberation, Natalie chose a traditional Baptist Fan pattern which was a utilitarian quilt pattern used a lot in the late 19th century.
'Baptist Fan' digital pantograph on a traditional Pinwheel Quilt
'Baptist Fan' digital pantograph on a traditional Pinwheel Quilt
Here you can see the Baptist Fan pattern stitched out using the digital pattern whilst it was on the quilting frame.  We used a Glide thread in an off-white 'Linen' colour, which kept the overall feel of the quilt fresh.
'Baptist Fab' Digital Pantograph designed by Jessica Schick

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