Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sue's Modern Blue Square Quilt

Blue Square Quilt, made by Sue , quilted by Frances Meredith
Blue Square Quilt, made by Sue, quilted by Frances Meredith
Here is beautiful quilt made by one of my long arm quilting customers, Sue.  It is a special quilt for a new family member and it will be heading for a new home abroad.  I love the modern style of this quilt and I think the soft grey background makes a great alternative to white or cream.
Persian Blue, Glide Thread
Persian Blue, Glide Thread
Sue had chosen a lovely range of blue batiks for this quilt and squares in the pattern really showcased them well.  Those beautiful colours helped us choose this lovely Persian blue Glide Thread for the stitching.  Sue also asked if I could make a label for the back of the quilt and I was able to use this thread for that also.
Fabadashery Long Arm Quilting
Fabadashery Long Arm Quilting
Here is a photo of the quilt on the APQS long arm quilting frame.  It is such a treat to see the quilt coming together as it does its work.  Sue chose one of my favourite digital pantograph designs, 'Bird's Eye View' designed by Barbara Becker.  It has swirls which are evenly spread and gives it a great even texture.
'Bird's Eye' digital pantograph designed by Barbara Becker
'Bird's Eye View' digital pantograph designed by Barbara Becker
I am lucky that so much talent and inspiration come through my door and I think this quilt pattern has just been added to my bucket list.

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