Saturday 26 December 2020

2nd Day of Christmas - Pauline's Nine Sister's Fleece backed Quilt

'Nine Sisters' quilt made by Pauline
'Nine Sisters' quilt made by Pauline
Today I am sharing Pauline's quilt which she made for her son to use in his camper van.  The pattern is called 'Nine Sisters' designed by Cozy Quilt Designs and is Jelly Roll / 2.5" strip friendly. He had asked for a warm quilt, so you can see in the photo below that as well as the pieced quilt top this quilt has a fleece backing and 100% Hobbs Polydown wadding in the middle of it. This will be a big warm quilt!
A Warm Quilt Sandwich - top, polydown wadding and fleece
Pauline located some checked red and black fleece backing, which went well with the front of the quilt.  If you are thinking about having fleece on the back of your quilt, check the warp and the weft - as long as one has some tension in it, it can be mounted easily onto a longarm quilting machine. I have used it a lot on my own quilts and I love the result.
'Diagonal Plaid Bias' quilting on fleece backing

The quilting pattern we used on this quilt is called 'Diagonal Plaid Bias' designed by Patricia E Ritter.  It came up beautifully on the back of the quilt on the fleece.
'Diagonal Plaid Bias' quilting designed by Patricia Ritter

Nine Sisters' quilt made by Pauline
Nine Sisters' quilt made by Pauline

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