Saturday, 31 October 2020

Novelty November - Hearts and Ribbons, Cancer Charity Quilts and More

Throughout November 2020, I am sharing some of the novelty and themed digital patterns which I hold in my collection.  Sometimes they never see the light of day, as they are not the first patterns I pull out when customers drop off their quilts, so I hope to highlight them to you over the next few weeks.

'Hearts and Ribbons' digital pantograph, designed by Jessica Schick
Today I am sharing 'Hearts and Ribbons', designed by Jessica Schick.  This a quilting pattern which features the ribbon used by many charities - pink for Breast Cancer, red for HIV and Aids, yellow for armed forces - there are many uses for it.  If you have made a charity quilt, I will have the appropriate thread colour for the appropriate charity you are supporting.

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