Monday 23 May 2016

You don't just have to use a longarm quilting maching for big quilts

Custom quilting - Doll quilt
I have recently used my APQS long arm quilting machine to custom quilt this little doll quilt.  It is only about 19" x 12", but it was a reminder that it is not just big quilts that have to go on a long arm quilting machine.
Project Linus Quilts by Frances Meredith

You can just about see here that I have three quilts on this single piece of purple Cuddlesoft fabric.  At the time I knew I was going to have about 16" spare, which was unlikely to be used for anything else.  I quickly made up these two small quilts and with a few extra lines of quilting they were ready to head off to our local Project Linus charity group.
Multiple quilts, quilted at one time
So if you, or a group of you, have several similar small quilts, like the diagram above, they can be lined up on a single piece of backing fabric and wadding across the whole width of the quilting machine and all three could be stitched with the same pantograph pattern at the same time, saving your time and probably saving your quilting costs.

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