Monday 6 January 2020

Happy New Year - Dates for Quilt Drop Off

Stars for Epiphany Quilt
Stars for Epiphany Quilt
With everyone's Christmas quilts done, the Christmas break was a a time for me to quilt some of my own quilts, including this one 'Stars for Epiphany', which seems appropriate for today. 
Today I have also been updating my diary with the local quilt shows which are happening in 2020.  This year seems to be a BIG year for quilt shows, and many customers have already been in touch asking for their longarm quilting to be done for their quilt show deadline.  So if you require me to quilt a quilt for you, please get in touch sooner, rather than later.  Here are some dates I am taking in quilts

Tuesday 7th January
Wednesday 8th January
Thursday 9th January
Friday 10th January
Monday 13th January
Monday 20th January
Wednesday 22nd January (PM only)
Thursday 23rd January
Monday 27th January
Friday 31st January

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