Tuesday 24 November 2020

Novelty November - Paw Prints and Chicken Feet

Paw Prints designed by Judy Vallely
Paw Prints designed by Judy Vallely
I think this is the quilting design which prompted me to share all the novelty quilting designs in #Novelty November. This is Paw Prints designed by Judy Vallely and I have managed to stitch it out on a couple of quilts already and it looked FANTASTIC!  If you allow a bit of artistic licence, then these paws can be for any animal you choose - cats, dogs, lions, tigers etc.
Chicken Tracks by Nancy Haacke
If your pets are feathered friends then here are chicken feet for your quilts.  These chickens are free range, but if you want to keep your garden chicken free I have some chicken wire to keep them safe.

Chicken Wire designed by Joann Hoffman

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