Sunday 23 May 2021

Meg's Baby Quilt - In Rainbow Colours


Rainbow Baby Quilt made by Meg
Once the first 2020 Lockdown was announced, there was an assumption that there was going to be a 'Baby Boom'. Initially, it never materialised, but with the number of baby quilts coming through my doors, it looks as if there has been a rebound.  This delightful rainbow quilt, made by Meg, couldn't be more perfect for a new baby in the current times. 

Rainbow Baby Quilt made by Meg
Made with just squares and triangles, using a full spectrum of coloured fabric to form hearts, there was only one digital quilt pattern which matched up - 'Ginger Hearts' by Apricot Moon.

Rainbow Baby Quilt made by Meg
'Ginger Hearts' digital design by Apricot Moon

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