Monday 22 January 2024

February 2024 Drop-Off Dates - Fabadashery Longarm Quilting

Here are the dates when I am available to take in your quilts for longarm quilting for the last week of January and February 2024.  My pricing is listed on my website and I have large stocks of different types of wadding on sale.  I will be on the door at the Severn Valley Quilt Show, Thornbury, on Saturday 17th February, if you want to pick up or drop off any quilts to me there.  Otherwise contact me at

Monday 22nd January
Tuesday 30th January
Wednesday 31st January
Thursday 1st January
Monday 5th February
Thursday 8th February
Friday 9th February
Monday 12th February
Tuesday 13th February
Thursday 15th February
Saturday 17th February (SVQ Quilt Show)
Monday 19th February
Tuesday 20th February
Wednesday 21st February
Thursday 22nd February
Friday 23rd February
Monday 26th February
Tuesday 27th February
Wednesday 28th February
Thursday 29th February
Friday 1st March

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